Tax Rate Title


Voters concerned with keeping Iredell County property taxes low can rest assured that the November 4 Bond Referendum won’t put our county ahead of others in our region.

With the referendum’s passage, Iredell’s property tax will increase to $0.5275 per $100 in valuation–the lowest of any county in our region. When you couple our low tax rates with the fact that our per capita income is still above our region’s average, Iredell County continues its strong history of providing an attractive place to call home–or start a business.

This helpful chart compares Iredell County with other counties in our region:


County Comparative Tax Chart


Passing the November 4 bond referendum will keep Iredell affordable–and it will provide even better facilities for our schools.

Vote YES on Election Day, and join us as we continue to ensure Iredell County students have the opportunities they deserve!


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