Last week, we did something unprecedented.

Together, we reached 56 percent of the popular vote, and together, we passed $131.5 million in educational funding–the largest educational bond in Iredell County history.
We did it because you put our schools first.
How can we say thank you enough? There are tens of thousands of students across our community who will benefit from what was accomplished last week. Every one of them will have a brighter future because of your vote.
Make no mistake–we just made a statement in our county: education is an investment, not a liability. Our students, our teachers, and our schools are the foundation for a strong community. We know that good things will come of this.
You’ll be hearing from us in the future. We’re not going to rest on the laurels of this fantastic vote. We’re going to celebrate–starting with the first groundbreaking at Cool Spring Elementary–and you’re invited.
Join us as we continue building a bright future rooted in strong schools in Iredell County. And again–thank you for putting our schools first.
We did it!


The Our Schools First Team