Join the #OS1challenge–how many ways can you make a difference?

We have four big ways you can help put Our Schools First.

  1. Change the conversation. Do public schools matter to you? Say so! Post on Facebook or Twitter, share our endorsements, and talk about how critical it is to support pro-education candidates. Use the hashtag #OS1challenge
  2. Recruit someone to vote with you. None of this matters if we can’t get out the vote. Plan your vote–and ask your neighbors, your friends, your coffee dates to all come and vote with you. Print off our flyer and take it with you! 😉
  3. Volunteer to work the polls. Tons of people will arrive at the polls Tuesday knowing who they want to vote for president. What they are often less informed about, though, are local elections. Sign up here to stand outside of a poll location and distribute pro-ed information to voters.
  4. Make a donation. We’re spending thousands of dollars to ensure that pro-education candidates are elected. Can you help us with a gift of $25? $100? Make your gift online here to help keep OS1 going strong.

If you’ve helped out in any of the ways listed above, let us know! Comment on Facebook or Twitter, and use the hashtag #OS1challenge to help spread the word.