We asked candidates for state and local office to tell us about their views on public education. Here are their answers.

Our Schools First sent a survey to every candidate for state legislature, Iredell County Commission, and Iredell-Statesville Schools Board of Education. OS1 does not endorse or recommend candidates in the 2018 Election–we simply wanted to provide the following information to help guide voters in their decision.


Beniah McMiller


Qualifications and Experience

An Educator for 10yrs combined with ministerial training makes me the most experienced in working for people.


Husband for 10yrs to Tai McMiller; Father to six children; Ordained Elder and NC Community College Educator.

OS1 Questions

1. Do you believe that all children in Iredell County, regardless of where they live, are entitled to the same quality of education?

All kids are getting the same great education in Iredell County because they have great teachers.

2. Do you think that all children in Iredell County are currently receiving the same quality of education?

A great education begins with a great teacher. Every school and then I would dare county has great teachers. We need to increase our resources in all of our schools, especially in the ones that need the most.

3. Do you think that the level of funding for public schools in North Carolina is adequate? If not, do you think it’s the County’s or the State’s responsibility to increase public education funding?

The level of funding in our North public schools is inadequate. It is all of our responsibility to increase resources for per pupil spending and teacher pay.

4. Do you support the proposed Iredell County ¼ cent sales tax increase on the November 6, 2018 ballot?

I do support the quarter cent sales tax. I personally believe that teachers and students are worth the entire penny!

5. If you do support the proposed sales tax increase, do you believe that the local School Boards are best equipped to decide how to use additional sales tax revenue for our schools? If not, who is best equipped to make these decisions?

I believe our school board leaders have the experience, expertise, and knowledge of what teachers and students need in order to reach their fullest potential.

6. Are you aware of the recent North Carolina School Report Card which graded all schools in the Iredell County?

I am aware of the NC Schools Report Card for Iredell County. We need to invest in our teachers and their professional development; in doing so we can maintain our excellent marks and meet and exceed in the areas where we need to grow.